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Now is the time to scout for the Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae galls on Juniperus (juniper) species. Although not life-threatening to either of its hosts (junipers and plants in the apple family), you can remove the galls from junipers during their combat period. This doesn’t curb the spread as the spores can travel on the wind for up to 5 miles. I find it fun to see the different sizes of the galls as they range from 1/2” to about 2”. Be aware there are also galls for cedar-hawthorn rust and cedar-quince rust and they look the same. Unfortunately, when it lands on the other host it usually attacks the berries.


Bring your spent planters that held annuals all season and turn them into holiday planters. No need to remove the spent annuals, as you will need the soil to work with the greens. Come down Friday-Saturday 10-3 for the next few weekends and I will teach you how to make the holiday magic. Hanging baskets, small containers, large planters, they all work! Evergreens and bow $20.00 (for 12-18" pots). Larger pots $25.00 and up. Need a container, I have a few for $10.00 each. Also available are twigs (white and natural), holiday ornaments, and pinecones. If you will be coming by, text me at 631-848-2178.

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Welcome to the group! Focusing on native plants, trees, and shrubs, we can make a difference starting in our yards. Feel free to ask questions, and post pics and videos. We are all here to help each other and to get the word out about native plants and their benefits.


Welcome to the group! Focusing on native plants, trees, and ...
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