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Available Now in the Native Plant Pickup Yard™ (NPPY)

Located at 104 Main Avenue, Lake Grove, NY 11755.

It's a red house in a residential area. The NPPY is on the north side of the house through the arbor.

Parking: If there is room in the driveway, please park there or you may park on the front 'lawn'. Please do not block the neighbor's driveways or mailboxes.

Open to the Public:

Thursday - Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm

Sunday: 11 am - 4 pm

Monday - Wednesday: CLOSED

The pickup yard does not get restocked this time of year. If you are looking

for a plant not listed here, let me know and I can get it for you.

All plants listed here in the current inventory

are now 50% off!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kimberly at

Available for lectures and workshops July-March

Key: Orange Print is native to Long Island, ( ) inventory on hand


Baccharis halimifolia - Groundsel Bush (2) Grown by LINPI (not sexed)

6-12' tall, salt, wet-drought, silver white flowers Sep-Oct, nectar source, host plant to several moth species, Eastern US

1 Gallon @ $25.00 each

Cornus amomum - Silky Dogwood (4) Grown by Tyska Native Plants

White flowers in May-June followed by blue berries, 6-12', sun-shade, moist-wet soil, deer resistant, black walnut tolerant, birds and small mammals eat the fruit, host plant to Spring Azure and Summer Azure, native to Eastern North America

1 Gallon @ $25.00 each

Leucothoe (Eubotrys) racemosa - Doghobble (1)

Fragrant, white flowers in May, 3-6' tall, PS-Sh, moist soil, suckers to form a colony, pollinators, deer, great foundation plant, native to Eastern US

2 Gallon @ $60.00 each

Salix bebbiana - Gray Willow (2) Grown by Tyska Native Plants Keystone Plant

spike-like clusters (female) and hanging catkins (male) 30', S-PS-Sh, moist-wet, host plant to mourning cloak, viceroy, and 312 other species of butterflies and moths,

2 Gallon @ $35.00 each


Andropogon gerardii - Big Bluestem (15)

silver seed heads, Aug-Sep, 4'-6', S, dry-average- poor, fall color, deer, black walnut, host plant to Delaware Skipper and Dusted Skipper, Central to Eastern North America

1 Quart @ $15.00 each

Bouteloa curtipendula - Side-Oats Grama (2)

1 Gallon @ $25.00

Carex pensylvanica - Oak Sedge (3) Grown by KMS Native Plants

Lake Grove Provenance

May 'bloom', 8-12", semi-evergreen, Sh-PS, dry-average, deer, lawn alternative in shady spots, nest material for birds, Eastern North America

1 Quart @ $15.00 each

Carex rosea - Rosy Sedge (8)

May 'bloom', 12", Sh-PS, dry-wet, semi-evergreen, ground cover, lawn substitute, deer, Eastern North America

4" Pot @ $12.00 each

Carex swanii - Swan's Sedge (12) Grown by KMS Native Plants

Lake Grove Provenance

May-Jun 'bloom', 12-24", S-PS, moist-wet but tolerates some drought, deer, cardinals, bobwhite and wild turkey are just a few of the birds that eat the seeds of sedges, Eastern and Central North America

1 Quart @ $15.00 each

Chasmanthium latifolium - Wild Oats (12) Grown by KMS Native Plants

Lake Grove Provenance

36-60", S-PS-Sh, self-sows, deer, great dried and cut flower, nesting material for birds, and seeds are eaten by small critters and the birds, host plant to Pepper & Salt Skipper, Eastern North America

4" Pot @ $10.00 each

Chasmanthium laxum - Slender Oats (10)

graceful habit, 24-36" with flower May-Aug, PS-Sh-S, average-moist, tolerates some drought, beautiful fall color, deer, endangered in NY and PA, native to Eastern and Southeastern US

1 Gallon @ $20.00 each

Deschampsia flexuosa - Tufted Hairgrass (5) Grown by Tyska Native Plants

long-lasting, 'cloud-like' panicles Jul, 24-36", PS-S, consistently moist-average-rich, semi-evergreen, moderate salt, great fresh cut and dried flower, self-sows, black walnut, deer, rabbit, birds eat seeds, erosion, North America

1 Quart @ $14.00 each

Schizachyrium scoparium - Little Bluestem (1 and 2)

lovely gray-green foliage, 2-4', S, dry-medium-adaptable, nice fall color, deer, black walnut, nesting material, food and shelter for birds, host plant to Dusted Skipper, Indian Skipper, Crossline Skipper, Cobweb Skipper, and several others, Eastern North America

1 Gallon @ $25.00 each

1 Quart @ $15.00 each

Sorghastrum nutans - Indian Grass (7)

light brown with yellow stamens 'flower' atop blue-gray foliage Aug, 4-8', S, dry-average-moist, deer, clay, black walnut, birds eat seeds, nesting material for native bees, great dried flower, host plant to Pepper-and-Salt Skipper, Eastern and Central US

1 Quart @ $12.00 each


Achillea millefolium - Common Yarrow (2 and 1)

white to blush flowers Jun-Aug, 12-30", S, dry-average-well drained, fragrant foliage, drought, will spread to create a dense mat, pollinators, clay, deer, native to North America

1 Quart @ $15.00 each and 1 Gallon @ $25.00 each

Asclepias syriaca - Common Milkweed (15) Grown by LINPI

fragrant purple-pink flowers Jun-Jul, 24-60", very vigorous, deer, drought, great wildlife value, host plant to Monarch, Eastern US

Special sale price on 4" Pot @ $5.00 each (dormant)

Echinacea pallida - Pale Purple Coneflower (1)

pale purple flowers Jun-Jul, 24-36", S-PS, dry-average-moist, fragrant, deer, good cut flower, nectar source, great in a planter, pollen is white, pollinators, birds, host plant to Silvery Checkerspot and several moths, Eastern and Central North America

1 Quart @ $18.00 each

Eryngium yuccifolium - Rattlesnake Master (2)

Silvers green spiky flowers Jul-Sep, 36-48", blue-gray foliage, S, dry-average, deer, pollinators, and birds eat the seeds

1 Gallon @ $27.50 each

Eupatorium perfoliatum - Boneset (4) Grown by LINPI

white flowers Aug-Sep, 24-72", S-PS-Sh, moist-wet, deer, nectar source, pollinators, Southeastern US

1 Quart @ $10.00 each (dormant)

Eurybia divaricata - White Wood Aster (1)

1 Gallon @ $20.00

Opuntia humifusa - Eastern Prickly Pear (3) Grown by Tyska Native Plants

yellow flowers Jun followed by red fruit, 4-12", S, dry-sandy, edible, great in a planter, deer, pollinators, Eastern US

1 Quart @ $15.00

Solidago flexicaulis - Zig Zag Goldenrod (1) Keystone Plant

1 Gallon @ $25.00 each

Solidago juncea - Early Goldenrod (1) Keystone Plant

mildly fragrant yellow flowers Jul-Sep, 24-48", S-PS-Sh, dry-moist-well drained, clay, pollinators, birds eat seeds, deer, can be quite aggressive, host plant to several moth species, Eastern North America

1 Gallon @ $20.00

Solidago speciosa - Showy Goldenrod (3)

showy yellow flower clusters atop red stems Aug-Oct, 12-60", PS, dry-average-moist, may be aggressive, especially in moist soils, black walnut, great cut, and dried flower, birds eat seeds, nectar source, host plant to several moth species, Central and Eastern US

Deep landscape plugs @ $6.00 each

Thermopsis caroliniana - Carolina Lupine (1)

yellow flowers in Jun followed by showy seed pods, 3-5', S-PS, moist-average, tolerates a little drought but may need water in the height of summer, does not like to be crowded, great cut flower, Southeastern US

2 Gallon @ $25.00 each

Triadenum virginicum - Marsh St. John's Wort (1) Grown by Tyska Native Plants

pink flowers Jul-Aug followed by red seed capsules in fall, 12-18", PS, moist-wet, deer, great for the edge of a pond, Eastern North America

1 Quart @ $15.00 each

Vernonia noveboracensis - New York Ironweed (4)

magenta-purple flowers in Aug-Sep, 48-72", S-PS, average-moist-wet, self-sows, deer, nectar source, pollinators, cut back by half in early July for a tidier plant and more flowers, Eastern and Southeastern US

1 Quart @ $12.00 each (dormant)

In case you are wondering what a deep landscape plug is?

This is what they look like. They are 5" deep.

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