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Native Plant Pickup Yard™ (NPPY)

Updated: Jan 3

Address: 104 Main Avenue, Lake Grove, NY 11755. It's a red house in a residential area, and the NPPY is on the north side of the house through the arbor.

Parking: If there is room in the driveway, please park there or you may park on the front 'lawn'. Please do not block the neighbor's driveways or mailboxes.

NPPY™ is now closed for the season and will reopen on April 15, 2023

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kimberly at

Kimberly is available for presentations and workshops January-March

Key: Orange Print is native to Long Island, ( ) inventory on hand

The plants listed below are being overwintered at KMS Native Plants and are available.


Amelanchier canadensis - Serviceberry (1)

White flowers in April-May followed by edible berries in June. Grows 25-30' in average to moist well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Lovely orange-red fall color. Tolerates clay soil. Great for birds. Eastern North American native.

2 Gallon @ $45.00 each

Cornus amomum - Silky Dogwood (1)

White flowers in May-June followed by blue berries, 6-12', sun-shade, moist-wet soil, deer resistant, black walnut tolerant, birds and small mammals eat the fruit, host plant to Spring Azure and Summer Azure, native to Eastern North America

1 Gallon @ $25.00 each

Quercus ilicifolia - Bear or Scrub Oak (2) very young, grown from acorn

Yellow-green or reddish flowers in May, 12-20' tall, sun, dry soil, nice fall color, great for wildlife and a smaller yard, native to the northeastern United States

1 Gallon @ $25.00 each

Salix nigra - Black Willow (1)

Fragrant green catkins in May, 10-60' tall, sun-shade, moist-wet soil, clay soil tolerant, do not let the soil dry out, fast-growing, nice fall color, great for pollinators, host plant to Mourning Cloak, Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, native to North America

2 Gallon @ $45.00 each

Vaccinium corymbosum - Highbush Blueberry (3)

White flowers May-Jun followed by edible fruit Jul-Aug, planting more than one is best for fruit production, 6-12', S-PS, tolerates full shade, moist-wet-acidic-adaptable, excellent fall color, looks great in all four seasons, prune after fruiting if necessary, birds and small critters eat berries, pollinators, nectar source, host plant to Brown Elfin, Spring Azure, Striped Hairstreak and numerous moth species, Eastern North America

1 Gallon @ $27.00 each


Carex bicknellii - Bicknell's Sedge (11)