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Native Plant of the Week: Showy Goldenrod

Family: Asteraceae

Name: Solidago speciosa

Bloom Time: August-October

Flower: Yellow

Soil Condition: Dry, Average, Moist

Light: Sun

Height: 3-5' tall by 2-3' wide

Native Range: Eastern United States including Long Island

Zone: 3-8

Photo Credit: Kerry Woods (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Showy goldenrod lives up to its name with beautiful 12" long flower clusters atop usually red (sometimes green) stems. Its showy flower makes a great fresh-cut and dried flower.

Maintenance: Rust, powdery mildew, or leaf spot may occur but this is only a cosmetic issue and usually will not kill the plant. May be aggressive in moist soils.

Benefits: Nectar source, great for late season pollinators, attracts 10 specialized native bees, black walnut (juglone) tolerant, host plant to several moth species, birds eat the seeds in fall, moderately deer resistant.

Fun Facts: Goldenrods are not responsible for your fall allergies. The pollen is sticky and is moved by our native pollinators. The reason for your allergies is ragweed, which is wind pollinated.

Companion Plants: Symphyotrichum novae-angliae (New England Aster), Physostegia virginiana (Obedient Plant), Schizachyrium scoparium (Little Bluestem), Vernonia noveborancensis (New York Ironweed), Eutrochium fistulosum (Hollow Joe Pye Weed)



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