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Native Plant of the Week: Path Rush

Family: Juncaceae

Name: Juncus tenuis

Bloom Time: July

Flower: Green

Soil Condition: Dry to wet

Light: Sun to shade

Height: 6" (without flower) - 24" (with 'flower') by 6-24" wide

Native Range: North America including Long Island

Zone: 2-10

pics: Hoffman Nursery, Inc.

Path rush is a fantastic semi-evergreen cool season rush that adapts to every situation but it is best suited as a ground cover or lawn alternative due to its ability to tolerate heavy foot traffic and mowing. You have probably stepped on this plant 1000s of times and not even known it as it is found growing in compacted soil, especially in paths. Clayey, gravelly, and boggy conditions are also no match for this incredible plant.

Maintenance: Mow to keep it short, a truly low-maintenance plant

Benefits: Provides cover and nesting sites for birds and other wildlife, deer and rabbit resistant, tolerates heavy foot traffic

Companion Plants: Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Flower, Lobelia siphilitica - Great Blue Lobelia, Asclepias species - Milkweed/Butterflyweed, Iris versicolor - Blue Flag Iris, Solidago species - Goldenrod,



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