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Native Plant of the Week: Oak Sedge

Family: Cyperaceae

Name: Carex pensylvanica - Oak Sedge

'Bloom Time': May

'Flower': White/Brown

Soil Condition: Dry, Average

Light: Partial Shade, Shade

Height: 8-12" tall by 24" wide

Native Range: Eastern North America including Long Island

Zone: 3 to 8

Carex pensylvanica is a fine textured, cool season sedge for tough places like under Oak and Pine trees. Plants spread slowly by stolons and rhizomes to make a large colony. This makes it a great lawn substitute under Oaks and Pines or mixed between other plants in a shady garden to keep the weeds down. Tolerates very light foot traffic.

Maintenance: True low maintenance plant, may be mowed to a height of 3", one to three times a year. If doing this, the late winter mowing is the most important.

Benefits: Birds use prior seasons spent foliage as nesting material, deer resistant, juglone tolerant (Black Walnut)

Companion Plants: Quercus species - Oak trees, Pinus strobus - Eastern White Pine, Vaccinium angustifolium - Lowbush Blueberry, Juniperus virginiana - Eastern Red Cedar, Polystichum acrostichoides - Christmas Fern, Acer saccharum - Sugar Maple, Eurybia divaricata - White Wood Aster, Phlox divaricata - Woodland Phlox, Tiarella cordifolia - Foamflower

pics: KMS Native Plants LLC




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