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Native Plant of the Week: Hairy Woodrush

Family: Juncaceae

Name: Luzula acuminata

Bloom Time: April-May

Flower: Pale yellow floret

Soil Condition: Moist, average

Light: Partial shade, shade, dappled shade

Size: 6-12" tall with an equal spread

Native Range: Eastern United States

Zone: 3-8

Photos (KMS Native Plants): Top Row: early bud, early flowers; Second Row: closeup of flower, fall/winter color

Hairy woodrush is a great shade-loving, semi-evergreen ground cover. It has a clumping habit which looks great when used as an edging to a garden or walkway. Its flowers are a delight and best-observed closeup. The foliage is a lovely shade of mahogany in the fall and through the winter.

Maintenance: None necessary. I like to leave the old foliage as a natural mulch for the plant as it sends up new shoots every year. If you want to, you can cut back the foliage before it sends out new shoots.

Benefits: Usually deer and rabbit resistant.

Fun Facts: Dew drops are held on the tiny hairs making a magnificent display.

Companion Plants: Chelone glabra (white turtlehead), Lobelia cardinalis (cardinal flower), Osmunda regalis (royal fern), Osmunda cinnamomea (cinnamon fern)



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